International Foundation Programme

Your guaranteed pathway to the University

International Foundation Program

Here in Baku

There are various Foundation programs in different colleges and universities that allow students to study bachelor degree in the European Universities. ITAS Group for the first time in Azerbaijan started the Foundation Program in 2009. The International Foundation Program consists of three semesters and is considered for the student willing to study abroad.

The program has three semesters and there are certain subjects instructed that meets the expectations of foreign education institutions, high level English language preparation is included to the program as well.

This program leads you to be able to study any faculty in different universities-business, marketing, computer engineering, economics, finance, mathematics and social sciences.

Instruction Structure

Our Students can choose one of the foundation programs our of three
• Business and Economics
• Social Sciences
• Law
• Computer Science & Engineering
All foundation lessons are planned according the instruction structure. The student is taught accordingly to his/her future chosen program. Brief information regarding Registration, Prices and Dates from our website.

Lesson Dates

Three Semesters
• First Semester: October-December
• Second Semester: January – March
• Third Semester: April-July

Term Evaluation

Exams according to the subjects, evaluation of the course works, presentations and essays, Regular Course works
Lectures, Preparation of seminars by small groups and self development motivations for the students